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On the 15th and 17th of September two very nice EITRawMaterials events took place. Namley the label induction days in Ghent and Liege both in connection with EIT RawMaterials Alumni events.

In Ghent 28 new students started into the semester as the new SINREM cohort. The students, who came from 5 different continents to join this program, got the most important study infos from their hosting Universities (University of Ghent, TU Freiberg, Uppsala University) as well as a EIT RawMaterials Academy introduction to the entrepreneurship activities that will be prepared for them. After a social gathering with the students and academic staff, the EIT RawMaterials Alumni hosted a networking event in the city, bringing together Sinrem Alumni and other interested Alumni from the area. What a pleasure to see that such activities are possible again!


Cristina Balsells Llort (SINREM Student): "After nearly a year thinking about SINReM, I realised that the dream is coming true now. I got two main ideas from the event: first, this will be a really intense program and we have to seize it; and second, we have an incredible team of professors, classmates and alumni willing to help us all along the way, this makes me feel really greatful for being here. So, let the play begin!"

Carolina Paes (SINREM Alumni): "As a recent graduate, I had the chance to join this event as a Local Ambassador of the EIT RM Alumni answering many questions, and exposing everything that EIT RM can offer to you when you are part of such a creative and innovative community. It was grateful to see a group of enthusiastic young people eager to find solutions to challenges faced nowadays together with SINReM and EIT RM"


The University of Liege was hosting a whole EIT RM Day where they invited their new Cohort of EMERALD (University of LorraineLulea University of Technology, TU Freiberg) as well as second year AMIR students. Next to the faculty dean, the Liege Venture Lab and several different Alumni presentations made this a very fruitful evening for the 22 new students. Finished off by a gathering at the University, networking around small bites and drinks. Great to see how far our graduates have made it already!


Jessica Dias (EMERALD Student): "EIT RawMaterials Day was an opportunity to understand better the EIT structure and infinite possibilities that the institute supports. The highlight of the day for me was the opportunity to connect with professionals who followed different paths from EMerald, including entrepreneurship, research and industrial experience."

Ali Hassan (EIT RM Alumni President): "EIT RM Day turned out to be an excellent event with EITRM and EMerald Alumni sharing their experiences, local stakeholders such as Venture Labs and Interface Enterprises presenting entrepreneurial opportunities and support available for students and researchers in Liège. We hope that EIT RawMaterials Alumni can be further involved to make Label Induction days an even bigger success."

Both events reached around 50 people which is a nice turnout. We are happy to start into the semester with a growing community. EIT RawMaterials is happy to see the personal connections being made early on! Many more Alumni events and Label activities to come. The entrepreneurial spirit is in the room let’s foster it together to create solutions for a sustainable future.

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